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Impact of Brand Image and Advertisement on Consumer Buying Behavior Essay Example for Free

Effect of Brand Image and Advertisement on Consumer Buying Behavior Essay Effect of Brand Image and Advertisement on Consumer Buying Behavior Effect of Brand Image and Advertisement on Consumer Buying Behavior Muhammad Ehsan Malik, Muhammad 1 2 Mudasar Ghafoor, 3Hafiz Kashif Iqbal, 4Qasim Ali, 4Hira Hunbal, 4Muhammad Noman and 4Bilal Ahmad 1Institute of Business Administration (IBA), University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan Dean Economics and Management Sciences, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan 2School of Business, University of Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom 3School of Business and Economics, University of Management and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan 4Department of Business Administration, University of the Punjab Gujranwala Campus, Pakistan Submitted: Apr 27, 2013; Accepted: Jun 3, 2013; Published: Jun 20, 2013 Abstract: Brand picture and commercial assume a significant job to help up any business execution as brand picture is an inferred device which can emphatically change people’s purchasing practices and promotion is acting as a main impetus for any business as it’s a viable source to pass on your message and remain in customer’s mind. The reason for this examination is to inspect the effect of brand picture and notice on customer purchasing conduct in the overall population at Gujranwala city. Poll review was utilized to gather the information by utilizing non likelihood advantageous examining procedure. An example of 200 polls was utilized in which 175 reactions were gathered inside the time of one month. Discoveries show that brand picture and ad have solid positive impact and critical relationship with Consumer purchasing conduct. Individuals see the brand picture with inspirational mentality. Study delineated that adolescents in Gujranwala are progressively cognizant about their economic wellbeing so they favor marked items and promotion influences their Consumer Buying Behavior emphatically. In the remainder of article restrictions of examination, suggestions and recommendations for additional exploration likewise included. Catchphrases: Brand picture Advertisement Consumer Buying Behavior INTRODUCTION can construct long haul beneficial relations with clients. Individuals in our general public are so cognizant about their any business can decidedly influence the practices of status and they want to utilize marked items to show individuals with respect to mark picture, fulfillment and faithfulness. off their superficial point of interest. Brand is considered as inferred At present time in worldwide and developing markets gadget through which any business can achieve the business war isn't just on cost yet client fascination, fascination of individuals and can appreciate the serious edge. dedication and relationship matters a great deal. Organizations are so In our neighborhood situation it additionally considered as an important resource cognizant about their customer’s fulfillment. for any business as it can change peoples’ purchasing Advertisement assumes an essential job for any business to conduct. It can assume a fundamental job to extend any business. help up its presentation chart as it is a ground-breaking system Brand picture improvement is a drawn out procedure and it to pull in your clients toward your item. In can demonstrate a solid weapon to battle with your rivals. Pakistan notice additionally turning into a main thrust for Customers depend on marked items and generally want to any business since it can compel individuals to change their purchase items with notable brand name. Advertising conduct with respect to your item in positive sense. important methodologies and instruments can build up the brand of Advertisement is a predominant and driving weapon in all any item. On the off chance that brand is overseen in viable manners, a promoting devices because of its positive effect on consumers’ business can appreciate most extreme number of clients and purchasing conduct. It’s a viable method to convey Refine nature of items and social

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Regionalism Themes Essays - English-language Films,

Regionalism Themes Authenticity is the delineation of life as a great many people live and know it. Regionalism is a quality of Realism that depicts the traditions, propensities and qualities of a specific spot. Some portion of regionalism is nearby shading. Neighborhood shading is characterized as a specific case of provincial qualities. Nearby shading can be appeared in a specific vernacular, dress, and occupations. In Realism life is delineated as a great many people live and know it. Neighborhood shading helps the valid appearance of a spot appear to be progressively authentic to a peruser. To all the more likely comprehend nearby shading one should initially comprehend the three most significant qualities of it; vernacular, dress, and occupations. Three genuine instances of neighborhood shading and regionalism are found in The Outcasts of Poker Flat, The Red Badge Of Courage, And in A Mystery of Heroism. The Outcasts of Poker Level is a short story by Bret Harte about a western town that has ousted a gathering of ill-advised people. Nearby shading is first appeared in the start of the story when Harte discusses the individuals to be exiled. Harte depicted the gathering utilizing natural western sorts. 'The Duchess; another who had won the title of Mother Shipton; and Uncle Billy a speculated floodgate burglar and affirmed boozer (395). The utilization of nearby is appeared as Harte portrays the people occupations and appearance. Bret Harte likewise utilizes nearby shading in the exchange that he provides for his characters. As Mr. Oakhurst comes back to the gathering he talks in a specific vernacular. Is this yer a d____d cookout? (397). This exchange is an case of nearby shading since it depicts the way that individuals really talked. The Outcasts of Poker Flat shows neighborhood shading by depicting people groups occupations and the utilization of a southern sort tongue. The Red Badge of Courage is a novel by Stephen Crane that tells the life of a youthful trooper during the Civil War. Crane utilizes regionalism to portray the setting of the combat zone a number of times all through the novel. In the primary section Crane depicts the battleground as the sun is rising. A stream golden tinted in the shadow of its banks, purled at the military's feet (443). The Regionalism appeared depicts the combat zone and gives one a decent image of what it resembles. Like Harte, Crane additionally utilizes tongue to display neighborhood shading. When discussing the war Crane offers exchange to Jim that shows nearby shading. Obviously there is. You joke hold up until tomorrow, and you'll see one of greatest fights ever was. You joke pause (446). Crane utilizes slang words to help appear and give one a superior image of how life is. The Red Badge of Courage depicts numerous parts of Regionalism and Local Color in the setting and the characters exchange. Stephen Crane additionally expressed, A Mystery of Heroism, another anecdote about the life as a solider during the Civil War. Crane utilizes nearby Color by indicating a case of how the troopers looked during fight. The dim outfits of the men were so covered with dust from the relentless wrestling of the two armed forces that the regiment nearly appeared to be a piece of the mud bank which protected them from the shells (286). The portrayal of the officers dress shows neighborhood shading since it builds up how things were during the war. Crane likewise utilizes vernacular to show nearby shading in this short story. As Crane offers discourse to Fred Collins, an officer of one of the armed forces he utilizes slang words to express what is on his mind. 'Thundar! I wisht I had a beverage. Ain't there any water round here? Then someone hollered, There goes th' bugler!'(286). The slang words help the story appear to be progressively reasonable to the timeframe and causes the story to appear to be progressively conceivable. Like in The Red Badge of Mental fortitude Crane utilizes neighborhood shading to enable the story to appear to be reasonable for That time that is all. The Outcasts of Poker Flat, The Red Badge Of Courage, and A Mystery of Heroism are for the most part stories that utilization regionalism and nearby shading to help make them increasingly reasonable. Neighborhood shading which can be utilized in the qualities of characters dress, discourse, and occupation cause the peruser to feel more like they can see the characters appearance. Regionalism which depicts the setting of a story is a principle factor of Realism that helps show the delineation of life as a great many people live and know it. Authenticity was an incredible time in American Writing that concentrated on commonplace characters living with ordinary issues and circumstances.

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Essay Examples For 6th Grade Students

Essay Examples For 6th Grade StudentsEssay samples for 6th grade students are a great way to have an overview of the type of writing assignments that are given during the summer. A good source of essays samples for your child is the Internet. For those who don't have access to the Internet, it's easy to find a variety of essays samples for your child online at sites like Evergreen State College.What will be interesting is to look at some of the essay samples for your child that are offered on these sites. First, there are many grammar and sentence constructions examples, and you will probably see that most grammar rules are not easily circumvented by your child. But many of the grammar rules that are taught in traditional college English courses are actually used throughout the essay samples for 6th grade students. This means that you should get your child to take a better look at the rules of grammar before moving ahead with the essay.When it comes to grammar and usage, we all want our students to be as prepared as possible, and this means doing the best we can with what they are being taught. Not only are the rules of grammar and usage important, but they are essential. It would not only be unfair to your child, but it would also be unnecessary to teach your child additional rules of grammar as well.While it is of course hard to read something over again, it is also the case that children will learn their writing skills differently as they progress through the grades. The elementary school essays for children are easy and fun, and while children do not learn much at all in the ways of thought when they are in Kindergarten, they do begin to develop grammar and spelling skills. As your child moves through their academic career, they will become more aware of their own writing skills and will become more adept at improving them as well.Many college level courses include writing assignments as part of the curriculum. For this reason, it is always a good idea to h ave a good understanding of writing samples for children by the time they reach the college level. As an example, your child may be assigned to write a paper about a topic that has a lot of political significance or is a big subject for a particular part of the country. By this time in their academic career, they should already have gained a good understanding of the rules of grammar and usage and can move forward on this assignment with confidence.Essay samples for 6th grade students also are essential for them to become more comfortable with writing and will also help them to improve their English writing skills by using examples of how to use specific writing tools. To help your child to become familiar with the rules of grammar and usage, you may want to also present them with a list of common errors in English writing. You can do this by linking to sites like, which will help them check their work for mistakes.These are often what is known as 'sentence fragments' and are similar to common mistakes that we make in our own writing. Once your child is aware of these, they will be able to avoid them and will have more confidence in their own writing. And once they are confident, they can move on to write better sentences and paragraphs, which will make them sound more educated and professional. Again, doing this with essay samples for 6th grade students will help them learn the skill of grammar and usage without feeling silly.Finally, remember that one of the things that is taught in college is how to write in simple writing styles. Essay samples for 6th grade students can help teach them how to break down a large task into smaller, simpler chunks. This will help them become more efficient and help them keep track of more information.

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Microsoft Outlook® User Manual Critique - 1171 Words

Microsoft Outlook ® User Manual Critique XXXX XXXX English 221 December 12, 2010 XXXX Microsoft Outlook ® User Manual Critique The objective of this paper will be to evaluate Microsoft manual for Outlook ®. According to Torkzadeh (1988), author of The Quality of User Documentation, â€Å"User documentation is an important tool for communications. It enhances the value of an application to the user and in turn, improves user satisfaction† (p. 99). When designing a manual Ganier (2007) suggests in his article, Comparative User-Focused Evaluation of User Guides, the strategy for a user manual should focus on 3 characteristics: format, structure, and its content. Ganier in his article also includes the criteria for measuring the†¦show more content†¦Practicality, the second criteria, as it applies to a user manual or an instruction, is whether or not the manual or instruction is designed and applicable to actual use. Overall, the manual is useful if the user is looking for instruction on performing a specific task. The user e-manual does a good job of explaining the various functions of the Outlook ® application. The tool bar menu items include navigation buttons which allow the user to easily move the focus of the manual back one page at a time or by clicking on the home button, to return to the first page. Simplicity is the lack of complexity, or intricacy, (Merriam-Webster’s, 2010). The Outlook ® user e-manual fulfills the definition of simplicity in its ability to reach a diverse target audience, with the ability to read and understand the content. Both basic and advanced users can utilize the search function of the manual to find instructions on the topic being searched. Basic tasks, such as creating an e-mail, or tasks for more advanced users, can easily be found in the manual. The user e-manual lacks overall efficiency as it does not give the user the ability to accomplish a task with ease and speed. The user e-manual should allow the user, no matter what their experience level with the application, to be able to access the information in the most efficient manner. The Outlook ® userShow MoreRelatedFashion Marketing17446 Words   |  70 Pagesall the classes either rulers or the group that was being ruled, had changed from time to time and in different civilisation. In the same aspect even then a focused view was with common individuals, as they also follow a firm path in the fashion outlook (Easey, 2003). Generally the changes maintained within a civilisation was because of the exhibiting the supremacy over other using clothing, but even using accessories, jewellery, hairstyles and 4 of 8 A.A.Haseebuddin Context of FashionRead MoreCase Study148348 Words   |  594 PagesInstructor’s Manual Exploring Strategy Ninth edition Gerry Johnson Richard Whittington Kevan Scholes Steve Pyle For further instructor material please visit: ISBN: 978-0-273-73557-1 (printed) ISBN: 978-0-273-73552-6 (web) ï £ © Pearson Education Limited 2011 Lecturers adopting the main text are permitted to download and photocopy the manual as required. Pearson Education Limited Edinburgh Gate Harlow Essex CM20 2JE England and Associated CompaniesRead MoreTestbook Answers112756 Words   |  452 PagesScott, Financial Accounting Theory, 6th Edition Instructor’s Manual Chapter 2 Suggested Solutions to Questions and Problems 1. P.V. Ltd. Income Statement for Year 2 Accretion of discount (10% Ãâ€" 286.36) $28.64 P.V. Ltd. Balance Sheet As at Time 2 Financial Asset Cash Shareholders’ Equity $315.00 Opening balance Net income $286.36 28.64 Capital Asset Present value 0.00 $315.00 $315.00 Note that cash includes interest at 10% on opening cash balance of $150Read MoreAccounting Information System Chapter 1137115 Words   |  549 Pagesinto an in-class group activity. Students are divided up in groups, told to close their books, and given 15 minutes to: a. Think through the business processes, key decisions, and information needs issues in their group. b. Identify the external users of information and specify the information received from and sent to each of them. One group is selected to present their answers to the class. The other groups are told to challenge the group’s answers, provide alternative answers, and chip inRead MoreMarketing Mistakes and Successes175322 Words   |  702 Pages10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 PREFACE Welcome to the 30th anniversary of Marketing Mistakes and Successes with this 11th edition. Who would have thought that interest in mistakes would be so enduring? Many of you are past users, a few even for decades. I hope you will find this new edition a worthy successor to earlier editions. I think this may even be my best book. The new Google and Starbucks cases should arouse keen student interest, and may even inspire another generationRead MoreProject Mgmt296381 Words   |  1186 Pagesvideos, Microsoft Project Video Tutorials and Web links. The trial version of Microsoft Project software is included on its own CD-ROM free with the text. Acknowledgments We would like to thank Richard Bruce, Ottawa University for updating the Test Bank and Online Quizzes; Charlie Cook, University of West Alabama for revising the PowerPoint slides; Oliver F. Lehmann for providing access to PMBOK study questions; and Mink for accuracy checking the text and Instructor’s Resource Manual contentRead MoreArticle: Performance Appraisal and Performance Management35812 Words   |  144 Pagesterm is performance appraisal (Prasad, 2005). III. Criticism of Performance Appraisal In the present era almost all the organization have some kind of employees appraisal system, though the systems are not free from critics. First dominant critique is the management framework using appraisal as an â€Å"orthodox† technique that seeks remedies the weakness and proposal of appraisals as a system to develop performance (Beach 2005). The orthodox approach argues about the purpose of performance appraisalRead MoreOrganisational Theory230255 Words   |  922 Pagespostmodernism anything new? The history Post-industrialism and the information society The virtual organization Neo-fordism, flexible specialization and post-fordism The regulation school Institutionalist school The ‘managerialist’ school The flexible firm – critique Postmodern organizations – the work of Stewart Clegg and Paul Heydebrand Conclusions 198 198 200 202 205 206 211 213 215 217 220 225 227 234 Chapter 6 Postmodernism as a philosophy: the ultimate challenge to organization theory? IntroductionRead MoreContemporary Issues in Management Accounting211377 Words   |  846 Pagesother users of accounting information often perceive changes in their information needs. Consequently, providers of accounting information within organizations respond to many of these desired changes by redesigning management accounting systems and restructuring their output. The impetus for change may also originate from outside the organization. Many scholars, consultants, and commentators on management accounting are purveyors of ideas about what accounting should be. In response, users of accountingRead MoreStrategic Human Resource Management View.Pdf Uploaded Successfully133347 Words   |  534 Pagesleads to fast response and high-quality products and services.4 Page 3 STRATEGIC HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Section One According to Lawler, these investments will become increasingly important due to forecasts of shifts in skill needs from manual to cerebral. Contemporary management practices indicate that many leading companies have recognized the strategic importance of human resources and have adopted an investment perspective toward these resources. Further, there is greater awareness

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Drop Down List Inside a DBGrid

Heres how to place a drop-down pick list into a DBGrid. Create visually more attractive user interfaces for editing lookup fields inside a DBGrid - using the PickList property of a DBGrid column. Now, that you know what are  lookup fields, and what are the options of displaying a lookup field in Delphis DBGrid, its time to see how to use the PickList property of a DGBrid column to enable a user to pick a value for a lookup field from a drop-down list box. A Quick Info on DBGrid Columns Property A DBGrid control has a Columns property - a collection of TColumn objects representing all of the columns in a grid control. Columns can be set at design time through the Columns editor, or programmatically at runtime. Youll usually add Columns to a DBGird when you want to define how a column appears, how the data in the column is displayed and to access the properties, events, and methods of TDBGridColumns at runtime. A customized grid enables you to configure multiple columns to present different views of the same dataset (different column orders, different field choices, and different column colors and fonts, for example). Now, each Column in a grid is linked to a field from a dataset displayed in the grid. Whats more, each column has a PickList property. The PickList property lists values that the user can select for the columns linked field value. Filling the PickList What you will learn here is how to fill that String List with values from another dataset at run time.Recall, that we are editing the Articles table and that a Subject field can only accept values from the Subjects table: the ideal situation for the PickList! Heres how to set up the PickList property. First, we add a call to the SetupGridPickList procedure in the Forms OnCreate event handler. procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);begin SetupGridPickList(Subject, SELECT Name FROM Subjects);end; The easiest way to create the SetupGridPickList procedure is to go to the private part of the form declaration, add the declaration there and hit the CTRL SHIFT C key combination - Delphis  code completion  will do the rest: ...type TForm1 class(TForm)... privateprocedure SetupGridPickList( const FieldName : string; const sql : string); public... Note: the SetupGridPickList procedure takes two parameters. The first parameter, FieldName, is the name of the field we want to act like a lookup field; the second parameter, SQL, is the SQL expression we use to populate the PickList with possible values - in general, the SQL expression should return a dataset with only one field. Heres how the SetupGridPickList looks like: procedure TForm1.SetupGridPickList(const FieldName, sql: string);var slPickList:TStringList; Query : TADOQuery; i : integer;begin slPickList:TStringList.Create; Query : TADOQuery.Create(self); try Query.Connection : ADOConnection1; Query.SQL.Text : sql; Query.Open; //Fill the string listwhile not Query.EOF dobegin slPickList.Add(Query.Fields[0].AsString); Query.Next; end; //while //place the list it the correct columnfor i:0 to DBGrid1.Columns.Count-1 do if DBGrid1.Columns[i].FieldName FieldName thenbegin DBGrid1.Columns[i].PickList:slPickList; Break; end; finally slPickList.Free; Query.Free; end; end; (*SetupGridPickList*) Thats it. Now, when you click the Subject column (to enter into edit mode). Note 1: by default, the drop-down list displays 7 values. You can change the length of this list by setting the DropDownRows property. Note 2: nothing stops you from filling up the PickList from a list of values not coming from a database table. If, for example, you have a field that only accepts weekday names (Monday, ..., Sunday) you can build a hard-coded PickList. Uh, I need to click the PickList 4 times... Note that when you want to edit the field displaying a drop-down list, youll need to click the cell 4 times in order to actually pick a value from a list. The next code snippet, added to the DBGrids OnCellClick event handler, mimics a hit to the F2 key followed by Alt DownArrow. procedure TForm1.DBGrid1CellClick(Column: TColumn);begin//Making the drop-down pick list appear fasterif Column.PickList.Count 0 thenbegin keybd_event(VK_F2,0,0,0); keybd_event(VK_F2,0,KEYEVENTF_KEYUP,0); keybd_event(VK_MENU,0,0,0); keybd_event(VK_DOWN,0,0,0); keybd_event(VK_DOWN,0,KEYEVENTF_KEYUP,0); keybd_event(VK_MENU,0,KEYEVENTF_KEYUP,0); end;end;

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Essay on His/145 Native American Civil Rights - 724 Words

Native American Civil Rights HIS/145 Native American Civil Rights Native Americans were the people of the land before English settlers claimed the United States as it is today. Throughout time they have been mistreated by white people and forced to be Americanized. Their culture has almost died with their people, and to this day their rights can be challenged as unjustified. Before the 1960’s, Native Americans were pretty much ignored by other groups of ethnicity, especially the whites. However, postwar of Vietnam sparked the American youth to protest politics, and Native Americans stood up for their civil rights as American people. In 1961, around sixty seven tribes made up of over four hundred tribal members, met up in†¦show more content†¦One of the most celebrated protests happened February 1973 at Wounded Knee, South Dakota. This was the site of the 1890 massacre of the Sioux Indians murdered in cold blood by American federal troops. AIM occupied and seized the town of Wounded Knee for about two months, demanding changes in their administration and asking the government to honor their treaty obligations that were said to be forgotten. Only one Indian was killed during this protest and another one wounded. The Indian civil rights movement, like most other civil rights movements of their times did not win full justice and equality for their people. The principal goal to some Native Americans was to defend, and protect their rights as Native Americans. As to other Native Americans it was equality. Native Americans wanted to win a place in society as an equal to all groups that made up Americans. Howev er, there is no single Indian culture or tradition in America, so the movement to unite all Native American tribes failed. The Indian civil rights movement, for all the limitations it had endured, did accomplish winning a series of brand new legal rights and protections, which gave them a much stronger position in the twentieth century. (Brinkley, 2012 pageShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Sherman Alexie s Indian Education 1330 Words   |  6 Pagesbackground, beliefs, or anything looked at that makes them stand out from others. I was introduced to a short story called â€Å"Indian Education† by Sherman Alexie about a boy named Junior and the struggles he faced throughout school because he was Native American. I was also introduced to another short story called â€Å"Graduation† by Maya Angelou about a young woman named Marguerite Johnson who was proud of her background being â€Å"Negro† even if it included some unfairness. Throughout history discriminationRead Mor eLasting Effects Slavery Has Had on African American Culture Essay766 Words   |  4 PagesDuring the colonial period early American settlers came up with the idea to bring African natives overseas to America and use them as slaves. The white man was higher up than the black man in society at the time because of the color of his skin. Americans consider this the biggest blight on our history. The shame of this period in our history still continues today for many whites, but many blacks still feel angry and oppressed. With the election of our first black president, we are really showingRead MoreThurgood Marshall Essay1578 Words   |  7 PagesThurgood Marshall was a great African American Civil Rights activist who changed a lot of lives in the United States. As a passionate lawyer and prominent Supreme Court justice he fought for Civil Rights and social justice in the courts and believed that racial integration is best for all schools. Very early in his professional life Marshall broke down racial barriers and overcame resistance despite the odds. He then became a role model of the disciplined leader, although he didn’t have theRead MoreSports And Education : Paving The Way For A New American Life995 Words   |  4 PagesSports Education: Paving the Way for a New American Life in North Carolina With the conclusion of the Civil War in 1865, the â€Å"New South† as the native folks of North Carolina began referring their state by, sought a new way of American lifestyle through the rapid growth and popularity of organized sports. A nation controlled by ideals of the racist white male suppressed the ability of women, the poor, and African Americans to create a prosperous life for themselves. Pamela Grundy is able to beautifullyRead MorePrison Writings: My Life Is My Sun Dance1414 Words   |  6 Pagesarrived are the one race that is given the least amount of respect? After the British defeat by the Colonies in the Revolutionary War the Natives lost the last of hold on their old ways. It eliminated the Proclamation of 1763 and opened the doors to westward expansion. Now 230 years after the war Natives are forced to live in secluded â€Å"reservations† that the American government has chosen as â€Å"Indian Country.† Throughout those 230 years there have been many conflicts between the two nations. GeneralRead MoreRacism In Public Space Essay1287 Words   |  6 Pagesin public spaces. It not only has the twists and turns but, for minorities, is racist. Ever since the slave days, African Americans have known to be cautious around police. A few decades ago, the Jim Crow laws legalized separation of races in numerous public spaces. Most blacks have had to adapt to racism and profiling, which is by police due to the white majority in American cities. The recent epidemic of police shootings has made the situation even more worrisome. One can see the effects of thisRead MoreEssay on Slavery In Illinois1556 Words   |  7 Pagesshould be implemented or not, its abolishment, and up to the time it ended. The paper also contains a well-opinionated reaction about slavery, how it is different from today. The Civil War Period has always been the primary hub of teaching in any American History classes. The era between the American Revolution and the Civil War was of a great importance since it has been the best and worst part of the western civilization during those times. The limelight was theirs when we turn back the pages of historyRead MoreLand of the Free? Essay1753 Words   |  8 Pagescountry was declared independent in 1776. Author James Baldwin focuses on one specific group in his writing: African Americans. In his book, The Price of the Ticket, he brilliantly provides insight on African Americans’ struggle against racial discrimination in the United States. James Baldwin faced a great deal of adversity in his life. Everywhere in America, he was forced to deal with racism because of his skin color. It was difficult for him to be taken seriously as a writer. He writes, â€Å"I left AmericaRead MoreGun Control Essay1485 Words   |  6 Pagesheated topic for Americans everywhere, but it is one that needs to be settled and agreed upon. Gun control has been around since after the Civil War. It was first used to keep former black slaves from having the right to own guns. (The reason for this is because some white people were afraid there could be a rebellion from blacks who were still angry about being enslaved and their rights being taken away.) a little long and wordy Today, gun control is a very sensitive topic for Americans. Some peopleRead MoreFour Historical Occasions of Non Violent Protest2166 Words   |  9 PagesThe 20th Century saw many civil resistance movements that made change by implementing a system of education in their non-violent protest strategies. This paper will be looking at: Gandhi and the struggle for Indian Independence (specifically 1907-1947), African American U.S. Civil Rights Movement (specifically 1960-1967), South African Apartheid (specifically 1976-1994), and the Northern Ireland Republicans held at Long Kesh Prison (1976-1985). These four struggles demonstrate that knowledge is powerful

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Crime and Youth Care Facility Essay Sample free essay sample

Few yearss ago. the Senate approved on concluding reading a measure amending Republic Act No. 9344. otherwise known as the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act of 2006. in order to better its execution. I AM IN FAVOR OF THIS GREAT ACT BY OUR LAWMAKERS. We all know that Republic Act No. 9344 has been intended to protect the public assistance of kids in struggle with the jurisprudence. bulk of who are guilty of junior-grade offenses such as junior-grade larceny. vagrancy and whiffing gum. Prior to the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act of 2006. kids in struggle with the jurisprudence were thrown into the same prison cells as hard-boiled felons. Surveies show that most of them were first-time wrongdoers. while eight per centum committed offenses against belongings. These kids are so doomed to a life of offense. riping them victims of a judicial system that unwittingly breeds felons. With the execution of RA 9344. kids in struggle with the jurisprudence are being provided with intercession plans alternatively of being thrown into gaol. But like any other jurisprudence. certain commissariats of RA 9344 demand to be improved. Now. Senate Bill No. 3324 amended Republic Act No. 9344. NOT because it wants to revise it. but merely because it wants to clear up the significance of â€Å"fifteen old ages of age. † the age of condemnable duty. Current misunderstanding leads to youth wrongdoers under 15 old ages old being released when they should alternatively be capable to formal proceedings. Under the proposed step. kids 15 old ages old and under at the clip of the committee of the offense. will be exempted from condemnable liability. However. these bush leagues can confront civil liabilities in conformity with bing Torahs. Childs who are 15 old ages of age or under shall non be exempt from civil liabilities. Liability of parents for quasi-delicts and felonies committed by their minor kids is direct and primary and non subordinate. This means that the parents or defenders exerting parental authorization over their kids shall be responsible for the damages. reparation and damages for eventful amendss. as the instance may be. If the kid committed larceny. he or she is obliged to return the thing he or she has stolen. If it is non possible to return what he or she has stolen. the parents should pay the sum equivalent to what the kid has stolen. Children under this class shall be instantly released to the detention of his or her parents or defenders. or in the absence thereof. the child’s nighest comparative. Furthermore. kids who are 15 old ages old or below shall be subjected to a community-based intercession plan supervised by the local societal public assistance and development officer. unless the best involvement of the kid requires the referral of the kid to a young person attention installation or Bahay Pag-Asa managed by the DSWD. LGU’s or licensed and/or accredited NGOs monitored by the DSWD. The step besides proposes that repetition wrongdoers. or kids who have committed offenses more than three times. be considered as ignored kids and. as such. must undergo intercession plans supervised by the local societal public assistance and development officers. Meanwhile. the step besides states that kids 15 old ages old or below who committed flagitious offenses such as colza and slaying shall be compulsorily placed in a particular installation within the young person attention installation or Bahay Pag-Asa called the Intensive Juvenile Intervention and Support Center. The proposed statute law besides provides the maximal punishment for those who exploit kids such as mobs. for the committee of condemnable discourtesies. This measure besides requires that understanding be alleged in the information in a condemnable instance affecting kids in struggle with the jurisprudence. Now. with all these characteristics of the amendment of the jurisprudence. I say I am in favour of such great move by our well-thought-of lawgivers. Thank you and hold a good twenty-four hours! —–End—– Amendments IN THE JUVENILE JUSTICE A ; WELFARE ACT OF 2006 ( NEGATIVE SIDE/ ANTI – FOR DEBATE ) Few months ago. the House of Representatives passed on 3rd and concluding reading House Bill 6052 suggesting to take down the age of condemnable liability from 15 to 12 old ages old. The measure aims to amend Republic Act 9344. the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act. passed six old ages ago. I AM Not IN FAVOR OF SUCH MOVE BY OUR LAWMAKERS. My base is non to amend the Juvenile Justice Law but name for its effectual execution alternatively. Lowering the age of condemnable duty constitutes a sedate breach on the convention on the rights of the kid to which the Philippines has ratified and acceded. Our state must ever be guided by the United Nations Standard Minimum Rules for the Administration of Juvenile Justice. more normally known as the â€Å"Beijing Rules† . which is a model to see in finding the age of condemnable duty. The Beijing Rules recommends that the minimal age of condemnable duty â€Å"shall non be fixed at excessively low an age degree. bearing in head the facts of emotional. mental and rational adulthood. † Our oppositions postulate that the increasing figure of kids involved in flagitious offenses as the primary ground for amending the jurisprudence. But the consequences of an on-line canvass on the House of Representatives’ website show that public sentiment is on civil society’s side. with the bulk non in favour of the amendment. Online House canvass shows bulk disagree with take downing the age of condemnable liability. Asked if take downing the age of condemnable duty is a justifiable policy. 75 per centum of those who responded said no. while merely 25 per centum agreed with the proposal. The international community supports the same place. In the recent United Nations’ Human Rights Council Universal Periodic Review ( UPR ) duologue in Geneva. a figure of states recommended implementing RA 9344 alternatively of amending it. Norway. in peculiar. recommended that the Philippines â€Å"take immediate steps to to the full implement the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act of 2006. † Germany. interim. asked the Philippines to â€Å"ensure that the age of condemnable duty is non lowered. † It besides recommended for the betterment of prison conditions to guarantee the separation of juvenile detainees from grownup captives. Ecuador seconded Germany’s gesture. The inhumane conditions of children-in-conflict with the jurisprudence can non be denied from the eyes of the international community. Hence. during the UPR. most recommendations by foreign states to the Filipino authorities were addressed to guaranting that any signifiers of anguish and bodily penalty ( against kids ) should be looked into. Ladies and gentlemen. allow me repeat my base: I AM Not IN FAVOR OF SUCH MOVE BY OUR LAWMAKERS. —–End—–